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Architectural & Civil Design

CDS Engineering provides architectural designs conforming to both local and global Data Centre regulations and standards in order to ensure safety and operational efficiency

Architectural Design as per applicable standards is the first step towards building a state-of-art Data Centre, and is critical for ensuring conformance to regulations, safety and operational efficiency.

CDS Architectural Design typically constitutes the following scope of work:

  • Design of Data Centre general layout  such as Technical Rooms, Entrance Room, Open area, Wall space, fire rated Doors, windows etc.
  • Design of Ceiling Construction and Specification of Ceiling height,
  • Design of rooms which have to be physically separate from the Data Centre.
  • Specification of floors, walls and ceiling such as anti-static, fire rated properties.
  • Design of Lighting fixtures and emergency lighting,
  • Exterior bearing walls.
  • Interior bearing walls.
  • Interior computer room partition walls.
  • Shaft enclosures.
  • Floors and floor-ceilings.
  • Roofs and roof-ceilings.
  • Multiple building entrances with security checkpoints.
  • Floors and Floor panel construction.
  • Under structure.
  • Doors and windows (Fire rating, Door Size).
  • Exterior non-bearing walls.
  • Interior non-computer room partition walls.