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BOM & Budget Estimation

CDS Engineering can help you understand the budgets required for your concept designs with High Level or Detailed Bill of Material schedules

Budgeting is quite an important task for any new investment project but it is more so for a Data Centre project. Today, Data centres are at the core of the Enterprise strategy, and in most projects highest availability and “Business Continuity” levels are desired. However, these desired “business continuity” levels needs to be in line with the project budget. .
CDS Engineering has vast Data Centre implementation know-how and, further to a successful Concept Design process, can quickly and effectively come up with a draft Bill of Material (BOM) planned for the new Data Centre project. Once the BOM is established, CDS Engineering can also be tasked to come up with a complete budget for the project.  We can also help our clients check the budgets themselves by aiding them throughout the process side by side. This is an iterative process, and will be carried out until the right compromise between budget and desired business continuity is reached.