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Concept Design

We translate your Data Centre Requirements into Concept Designs based on the Necessities and Business Continuity requirements of your project.

Concept Design of the Data Centre is the first step towards translating Business Requirements into concrete understanding of the upcoming investment project. Concept Design is one of the most important steps, which needs special attention since it will lead the rest of the Tender preparation scope of work. Concept Design purpose and scope of work is as follows: 

  • Preparation and approval of “Necessity Report”,
  • Establishing the ” Growth Model”
  • Determination of “Business Continuity” requirement levels,
  • Preparation of “Systems Architecture” guidelines,
  • Deciding on electro-mechanical concept design parameters

Further to the above systematic scope of work, Concept Design will yield a feasibility report as well as guidelines for the upcoming project, which are extremely important for the next steps of the tender preparation process.