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Cooling Audit

Our Mechanical Engineers can provide Detailed Cooling Effectiveness and Cooling efficiency audits and report back with improvement recommendations.

Under Cooling audit, CDS will review the critical equipment and its cooling requirements, review the existing system, and recommend the best cooling system.  CDS is well capable of thoroughly conducting temperature/ heat analysis ranging from simple hot spot checking at the critical equipment to detailed cooling analysis ranging from number of optimum cooling modules/ systems required and their placement, along with that of the racks and cabinets that carry the critical load.  Reporting would include cooling analysis, monitoring and related recommendations:
  • Cooling Systems Analysis based on current practices and norms
  • Single Point of Failure, capacity and redundancy analysis
  • Supply and return airflow analysis
  • Quality and integrity of existing equipment
  • Set points for optimum cooling
  • Future load predictions and cooling plan
  • Equipment layout related recommendations
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive report with measurements and recommendations

Cooling audit can lead to White Space optimisation audits based on the interest of the customer in order to optimize the overall White Space layouts.