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Data Centre Audit

CDS Engineering is your trusted partner for standard or customized audit requirements, based on our Data Centre Design know-how.
NOrganizations and their IT requirements evolve and, naturally, so do their Data Centres and the infrastructure within them. Factor in advances in technology, increased revenue targets and an on-going focus on cost savings, and there are a lot of variables to contend with.
Our teams of technical auditors have vast experience in Data Centre Infrastructure Auditing (DCIA). They can audit the entire space, using in-depth knowledge of manufacturer specific devices such as servers, storage, network and power infrastructure. Our auditors work with extreme care and attention, auditing devices with minimum intrusion into cabinets and will adhere to local policies, procedures and access control routines.  We can quickly and efficiently audit each device, exact rack unit height, position and grid location as well as power and network connectivity.

Key Benefits:

Increase Data Accuracy
  • Refined process to reduce human error and improve data integrity
  • Full audit trail from visual audit to CMDB update – identify process failures

Improve Productivity

  • Massive savings in man hours to complete tasks – proven 90% +
  • Visual representations of audit dates show areas which require audits

Validation Solution

  • A unique solution to update information daily with minimum effort
  • Instant reconciliation to CMDB and device
Application Platform:

IT Asset Inventory
  • Unique Mobile Data Collection and Validation Solution
  • Simple, easy to use interface to manage Device & Asset Details, Network & Power Connectivity
  • Visual display of floor, rack, device and connectivity information
  • User Defined Dashboard Reporting
  • Provides a vector image quality symbol library
  • Hosted for you in the Cloud or deployed as a local web application

Used by Audit Professionals

  • Designed and developed by an Audit company
  • Used Globally for DC audits by CDS and our Customers