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Data Centre Audit

CDS Engineering is your trusted partner for standard or customized audit requirements, based on our Data Centre Design know-how.
“Data Centre Audits based on Data Centre Design know-how”

Today’s Data Centres operate in very dynamic environment, where weekly changeover of several hundred IT devices performed by dozens of maintenance staff is not uncommon in a large Data Centre.  It has become more challenging than ever for Data Centre & IT Managers to keep up with the ever changing structure within the Data Centre. Thus, it is highly beneficial & recommended to do periodic –mandatory audits in order to reconcile actual implementation to design, and perform variance analysis and correction.
A Data Centre audit helps organizations understand how their existing infrastructure would cope with the availability, reliability, security and scalability they need, and in most cases audits uncover oversights, shortcomings and divergence from original designs and undocumented modifications.
CDS Engineering provides complete infrastructure & asset audit services conducted by qualified in-house engineering staff having the necessary credentials.  Audits can be standard or customized to specific requirements of our customers.

Data Centre Asset Audit

Our Asset Tracking Tools help us perform comprehensive and accurate Data Centre Asset Audits for 250 Devices per day.

White Space Optimization Audit

Whitespace optimisation audits include a comprehensive review of Asset, Power and Cooling audits to optimise layout of Whitespace Equipment.

Power Audit

Our Electrical Engineers can provide Detailed Power audits to evaluate and report the risks within your Data Centre’s electrical infrastructure.

Cooling Audit

Our Mechanical Engineers can provide Detailed Cooling Effectiveness and Cooling efficiency audits and report back with improvement recommendations.

PUE Audit

Our Engineers can provide you a detailed analysis and true picture of your Data Centre Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) through our PUE Audits.

Data Centre Tier Compliance Audit

CDS Engineering can help you assess and check the Tier Certification levels of your existing Data Centre and report back the gap analysis for your consideration