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Data Centre Design

Our highly qualified Electrical, HVAC, Data and CAD professionals using state of the art software tools, design energy efficient yet fault-tolerant data centre facilities conforming to worldwide standards.
“CDS Engineering is all about Data Centre design.”

Data Centre is a specific technical room and proper Data Centre design not only requires in-depth knowledge of several core engineering disciplines including; electrical, mechanical, architectural, networking and more, but also working knowledge of specific Data Centre standards, best practices, trends and unique challenges. Moreover, designing individual layers of Data Centre is not enough in itself, and different core engineering design layers need to superimposed and integrated for a seamless fault-tolerant Data Centre Design.  Today, there are many well respected design companies having know-how in general engineering disciplines and buildings design, but do not usually possess the expertise to handle the unique requirements of Data Centre designs.
CDS Engineering possesses more than 15 years of Data Centre design and application know-how and is focused on Data Centre design as its main business, CDS has in-house engineering resources for providing a complete and detailed electro-mechanical, connectivity, security & surveillance, and architectural design of your Data Centre.

Modelling & Simulation

With our wide set of tools and dedicated team of Modelling experts, we can help you with all your Data Centre Modelling requirements, not only limited to CFD Analysis but including BIM based 2D and 3D Modelling.

Architectural & Civil Design

CDS Engineering provides architectural designs conforming to both local and global Data Centre regulations and standards in order to ensure safety and operational efficiency


Electrical / Power Quality Design

Our Detailed Electrical Designs cover the entire power train and associated distribution–starting from transformers and generators to LV switch gear through UPS up to the final rack PDUs.

Mechanical / Cooling Design

Our Detailed Mechanical Design goes beyond CFD Analysis, and integrates piping, chillers, cooling units and aisle containment options to ensure cooling efficiency and high availability.

Network & Connectivity Design

Our CCIE Certified Network Design engineers have vast experience in designing state of the art and efficient active and passive data network infrastructure.   

Security & Access Control Design

Our Security & Access Control Designs meet stringent security requirements and government regulations and anticipate all possible scenarios.

Fire Protection Design

Fire Protection engineering designs are done by our specialist engineers as per local and global regulations.

NOC & DC Management Design

Our engineers design a complete Network Operations Centre Room Design including the Data Centre Management Solutions and an integrated BMS Solution.