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Electrical / Power Quality Design

Our Detailed Electrical Designs cover the entire power train and associated distribution–starting from transformers and generators to LV switch gear through UPS up to the final rack PDUs.

Data Centre Electrical Design along with the UPS specification is one of the most vital aspects of overall Data Centre Design which is crucial for Data Centre reliability, operational efficiency and fault tolerance levels. CDS designs the complete electrical distribution of your Data Centre in accordance with the related standards of IEEE, IEC, TIA942, Uptime Institute and Bicsi. 

CDS Electrical Design constitutes, but is not limited to, the following scope of work:
Design and placement:
  • Design of system room power starting from the building/campus distribution transformer, including main distribution switchgear, power factor compensation equipment, cable routing, system room distribution switchboards, cables and sockets.
  • Engineering Drawings for electrical, automation and data lines,
  • Design of Protection system including proper circuit breaker selection and coordination
  • Earthing / Grounding conforming to the protection system design, covering the entire grounding network – from grounding pit and rods to achieve the right impedance, to grounding of cabinets and frames inside the Data Centre.
  • Lighting design drawings of the system room,
  • UPS installation and aligning the electrical installation (connector room, system room distribution board and shaft, system room distribution cabinet and feeder cables, sockets) with the related standards.
  • Generator system design including sub base fuel tank and remote fuel tank along with fuel delivery system design.
  • Power distribution and redundancy level details per the Tier standard followed.
  • Simulation of the entire design to ensure safety and desired redundancy.
  • Selection of cable types and cable segments for the electrical installation
  • Components such as residual leakage relay and emergency on/off switches that should exist at medium voltage level, 
  • Showing power as an active/active or active/passive implementation, if multiple power connections are available in the facility,
Design values:
  • Sizing of equipment such as fuses and cables used in electrical panels
  • Design parts related with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating for the facility.
  • Energy Consumption, Peak Demand and Energy Installation Designs