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Mechanical / Cooling Design

Our Detailed Mechanical Design goes beyond CFD Analysis, and integrates piping, chillers, cooling units and aisle containment options to ensure cooling efficiency and high availability.

Due to increasing levels of IT load densities inside the Data Centre, its Cooling Design is one of the most challenging design aspects, which has a substantial effect in Data Centre Efficiency and operational reliability. CDS Engineering excels in mechanical & cooling Design, and determines the appropriate Cooling Model for the Data Centre. CDS designs the complete mechanical infrastructure in accordance with the related standards and guidelines of ASHRAE, TIA942, Uptime and Bicsi.

CDS Cooling Design typically constitutes the following scope of work:
  • Design of the air-conditioning system in the system room.
  • Calculations of optimum room temperature and moisture levels.
  • Selection of appropriate type of cooling system based on site considerations.
  • Design of System room’s air delivery and return paths and optimum cabinet configurations for the most efficient cooling.
  • Design of Cold and hot air ventilation funnels of the system.
  • Locations of ventilation loopholes and waste water installation.
  • Design of chiller plants and cold water delivery system. Placement of outdoor D/X units and the associated refrigerant piping.
  • CFD Analysis to check & validate the cooling design
  • Feed the room design in the software for simulation.
  • Feed the thermal calculations in the software.
  • Specify energy saving measures in the software.