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Data Centre Design

Our engineers design a complete Network Operations Centre Room Design including the Data Centre Management Solutions and an integrated BMS Solution.

A well designed Network Operating Centre (NOC) combines the technologies of video displays & controls, the human engineering of appropriate consoles for the IT staff, the aesthetics of a technology room, and the procedural elements of a professional IT organization.  CDS has technologists and specialist interior design experts on its staff, who are well versed on the elements of NOC design.  Our customers in general, and telecommunications customers, in particular, routinely ask us to include the design of the NOC along with Data Centre design. Recognizing that NOC can have a wide ranging budget, we can tailor the design to exact customer needs.
Complete Network Operations Centre (NOC) Design Services include:
  • NOC Room Architectural Design & Layout,
  • Design of Audio / Video infrastructure,
  • Sizing of the video wall,
  • Selection of video wall technologies including design of video controls,
  • Design of infrastructure connectivity to Access & Control System.
  • Lighting and Line of Sight Layouts
  • Design of comprehensive building and data centre monitoring and surveillance system for tracking the
  • Electrical infrastructure such as generator, UPS, electrical panels, fuses, power distribution
  • Electrical parameters monitoring and electricity usage in different areas as desired
  • Monitoring of the air-conditioning/cooling infrastructure
  • Physical safety (physical access, entries-exits), fire alarm system, fire extinguishing system (from sprinkler installation to individual firefighting capabilities), flood and flood alarms