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Power Audit

Our Electrical Engineers can provide Detailed Power audits to evaluate and report the risks within your Data Centre’s electrical infrastructure.

CDS engineers will review existing facilities, identify anomalies and weaknesses, and propose solutions, identifying short term “fixes” and long term solutions, some of which may be implemented in several stages depending on budget constraints.  CDS is well capable to conduct thorough “load studies” ranging from simple current measurements and “hot spot” checking at termination points, to detailed power analysis using sophisticated power analysers over several weeks, to provide meaningful data on peak demand, usage patterns, electrical transients, harmonics, and utility power quality.  Aspects of improving power quality to critical equipment and electric bill reduction are both addressed. 

  • Determination of power quality needs of critical equipment (redundancy , availability)
  • Single Point of Failure Analysis, present constraints, capacity, risks and redundancy analysis
  • Continuity and integrity of connections checks
  • Quality and capacity of existing electrical equipment
  • Data Centre Power Protection Systems Analysis
  • Circuit breaker trip settings and fault current carrying capacity review
  • Circuit Breaker coordination review
  • Single point of failure analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Comprehensive report with measurements and recommendations

Power audit can lead to cooling audits based on the interest of the customer in order to optimize the overall White Space layouts.