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Project Management

CDS Engineering is your Trusted Advisor from project management to inspection, from Testing & Acceptance Activities to Tier Cerfication Application requirements

“All The Support You Need in Data Centre Implementation”

The implementation phase is one of the most challenging aspects of a new Data Centre Build-out project, which poses two main issues to the Data Centre owners:
  • Data Centre implementation project is a full-time job in itself, and most of the organizations don’t have enough resources to dedicate for day-to-day project management,
  • Due to numerous engineering disciplines involved in Data Centre implementation, it is almost impossible for a limited team of people, not having full experience in all disciplines, to effectively control & monitor the contractors’ conformance to tender specifications, as well as the quality of their installation.
CDS can help you overcome the above mentioned main challenges with our highly qualified and experienced in-house engineering team.  Our main areas of focus at the implementation stage are typically, as follows:

Sub-Contractor Management

Our Project engineers can be your trusted extended arm in Project Management by helping you in day-to-day management of your subcontractors

Project Control & Inspection

Data Centre Project Control and Inspection activities ensure full compliance with tender specifications and with design parameters, and ensure the quality of the work during the implementation phase.

As Built Drawings

Our dedicated team of CAD Professionals can help you with shop drawings of your project during implementation and with As-Built drawings after the acceptance of the project.

Testing & Acceptance

CDS Engineering is specialised in designing “Integrated System Testing (IST)” Scenarios and can lead your on- site Commissioning and Acceptance Activities.

Tier Certification

Our engineers are fully aware of all requirements for a successful Tier Certification deployment with industry recognized certifying institutions such as Uptime Institute, and can help you completing your Certification Application Requirements.