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RFP / RFQ Engineering

RFQ Engineering translates your requirements into a well-engineered & tailor-made bid specification, which in return ensures no distressing surprises at the implementation phase of your project.

RFP Preparation for a Data Centre project requires special competencies and skills considering various engineering disciplines involved in the process. Equipment specifications are available and widely accessible from manufacturers and other resources.   However, successful implementation of the project will come from seamless integration of different levels of equipment and installation of electro-mechanical and other systems required. Without a well-engineered RFP, most of the issues will be delayed to be contended with during the implementation process, which is usually more costly or may not even be feasible at that time.
CDS Engineering with its wealth of Data Centre Design experience can help you in all aspects of RFP Engineering process:

  • Tailor-made Vendor Neutral RFP preparation to enable procurements of products, services, integration and maintenance, in light of Data Centre Concept Design or Detailed Design..
  • Manufacturer/Vendor and Technology independent Technical Specification, in order to ensure a competitive environment for the tender. 
  • All the RFPs that we put together are supplemented with respective 2D / 3D Layout diagrams, Single Line (One Line) diagrams, as well as architectural and mechanical orientations, in order to provide precise expectations to the contractors participating in the tender.