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Security & Access Control Design

Our Security & Access Control Designs meet stringent security requirements and government regulations and anticipate all possible scenarios.

Enterprises store their highly confidential Data and run their strategic applications in Data Centres.  Thus, security and access control is a “must have” in Data Centres for recording & logging access data, and preventing unauthorized access.
We understand the importance of Security & Access and our engineering staff keeps themselves up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies. We design a full Security & Access Control infrastructure including the following services:

  • Design of physical entries into system rooms,
  • Design of Access Control system for entrances of both authorized and unauthorized personnel and visitors into the system room with a procedure and registration management system.
  • A comprehensive Building Management System (BMS) to monitor security and environmental services with remote access capability.
  • A system for entry/exit of equipment into the system room, that follows a standard procedure
  • Location of sensors and receivers of the monitoring system and the design of associated cabling.
  • Design of monitoring and surveillance application
  • Design of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) System for building and system rooms, including recording equipment for retrieval of critical information.