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Tender Preparation

Complete Data Centre Tender Engineering Services; from Concept Design to Detailed Design, from BOM & Budgetting to RFP / RFQ Preparations.

“Engineering of tailor made tender documents”

Tender Preparation for Data Centre new build-outs and renovation is a tedious job which needs to be handled with in depth knowledge of all engineering disciplines applicable to the Data Centre environment.
Enterprise IT departments know the business requirements for their upcoming Data Centre projects very well, but translating these requirements into a full scope of concept design and detailed engineering design followed by a complete RFP for the tender, including all infrastructure components, needs qualified and experienced resources, which most Enterprise IT Departments do not employ.
Proper tender preparation can take from six (6) months to a year.  However a professional company with the requisite expertise can get it done in 4-8 weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of the project.  .
CDS Engineering has the experience of preparing Tender documents for more than 80 Data Centres and we are proud to have all necessary in-house resources to help you throughout the tender process. Tender preparation work involves the following scope of works:

Concept Design

We translate your Data Centre Requirements into Concept Designs based on the Necessities and Business Continuity requirements of your project.

BOM & Budget Estimation

CDS Engineering can help you understand the budgets required for your concept designs with High Level or Detailed Bill of Material schedules

RFP / RFQ Engineering

RFQ Engineering translates your requirements into a well-engineered & tailor-made bid specification, which in return ensures no distressing surprises at the implementation phase of your project.