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Tier Certification

Our engineers are fully aware of all requirements for a successful Tier Certification deployment with industry recognized certifying institutions such as Uptime Institute, and can help you completing your Certification Application Requirements.

Today’s state-of-art Data Centres require substantial investments to be built as per widely accepted standards and getting them certified by industry recognized institutions is becoming an important parameter to attract customers to your Data Centres. Moreover, the certification process is quite an important process in itself to validate the availability and reliability of your Data Centre.
Thus, most Data Centre investors are interested in certifying their Data Centre, but only a few are able to actually get it certified. The main reason for Data Centre owners not pursuing certification is the extensive documentation and design drawings required by the certifying bodies.
CDS can help you ease the pain throughout the certification process by preparing & documenting the following on your behalf, based on the guidelines that we receive:

  • Preparation of Certification Objectives and Certification Project Plan,
  • Architectural / Civil / Structural drawings and designs,
  • Complete and tailor-made Detailed Electro-mechanical designs,
  • Electrical & mechanical equipment schedules and their interdependencies,
  • Security and Surveillance designs,
  • All other requirements of the certification bodies,