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White Space Optimization Audit

Whitespace optimisation audits include a comprehensive review of Asset, Power and Cooling audits to optimise layout of Whitespace Equipment.

White space is the most precious real estate in a Data Centre, and its optimization leads to an organized and cost effective set up.  Many legacy white spaces have been populated on an adhoc basis over time, leading to a haphazard set-up, wastage of space and high energy costs.  Owners are scared to touch the existing set-up in the fear of disturbing the set-up and exposing the organization to unknown risks.  CDS has the experience to carry out any movement of racks and cabinets in a very organized way in conjunction with eh IT staff of the owner, per a precise pre-agreed schedule, where risks are identified and accounted for before the start of work.  The optimization work conducted by CDS will also consider future expansion.

  • Assets list, tagging and locations,
  • Power Infrastructure analysis,,
  • Cooling Infrastructure analysis
  • Supoerposed analysis of power, cooling and asset tracking,
  • Space optimization – usable space
  • Alignment of racks and cabinets
  • Proposed physical space layout